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Mark Smith, Grad Dip Phys, BSc (Hons), MPhil, MCSP Consultant Physiotherapist in Stroke Rehabilitation, NHS Lothian. As an AHP Consultant, Mark Smith's primary responsibilities are to develop stroke rehabilitation pathways throughout Lothian; to practice expert physiotherapy; to provide clinical consultancy and guidance for colleagues; to educate at under and postgraduate levels and to pursue research topics in stroke rehabilitation. He was a Chief Scientist Office Research Training Fellow and completed an MPhil at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh where he is currently an Honorary Associate Lecturer. He represents physiotherapy and rehabilitation on the Scottish Government National Advisory Committee for Stroke, the Scottish Stroke Care Audit Steering Group and he chairs the Scotland Committee of the Stroke Association, a charity of which he is a Trustee. His particular clinical/research interests include the hemiplegic shoulder, pain after stroke, exercise after stroke, treadmill training and recovery of walking after stroke, areas in which he has peer reviewed publications. His interests include disability golf, in which he acts as an international classifier of players and member of the medical committee of the European Disabled Golf Association.

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Physical rehabilitation after stroke

Mark Smith, Consultant Physiotherapist in Stroke Rehabilitation, looks at Cochrane evidence on physical rehabilitation approaches for the recovery of function and mobility following stroke and the implications for service delivery