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Tamara Melnik, Ph.D Researcher, Methologist and Professor of Internal Medicine and Evidence-Based Medicine at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp) and Brazilian Cochrane Center. Clinical Psychologist with emphasis in Human Sexualty and Mental disorders. First author and co-author of Cochrane reviews . In 2011 published Evidence Based Psychology a pioneer book written , including some of the most renowned mental health specialists of Brazil. Each chapter presents the main findings of a systematic review on the effectiveness of psychological interventions for the treatment of mental problems, followed by comments by one or more specialists in the field. Oswaldo Martins Rodrigues Junior, Master in Social Psychology (PUCSP), is Director and Psychotherapist of Instituto Paulista de Sexualidade www.inpasex.com.br and a specialist in Sex Therapy recognized by FLASSES – Latin American Federation of societies of Sexology and Sex Education

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